Versatile Black Crop Top


🇫🇷  Crop Top Noir Versatile

🍋 Pièce unique 🍋

Deux faces pour deux styles différents : un côté sage, un côté sexy

Se noue autour du buste

🌍  Versatile Black Crop Top

🍋  Limited edition 🍋

Two sides for two different styles: one wise face and one sexy face

To be tied around the chest

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By Limonade Paris
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Mensurations / measurments

Longueur/length: 29 cm

Limonade Paris

Life has not been easy for this past year but “when life gives you lemons, make limonade!”.

Upcycled fashion is all about second chances. We’re having a second chance to appreciate our freedom, our planet and ourselves, and we want clothes that represent that.

ISLA and Limonade Paris are launching their first collaborative capsule collection made from sleeping inventory, to embrace your uniqueness through this 100% unique pieces.

Limonade is a trio of Paris based designers specialized in upcycling fashion and winner of ISLA x Fashion Revolution upcycling contest of 2021 Fashion Rev Week.

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